how to write a copyImportant factors in promotion are content marketing and copywriting, the better it is made the greater the conversions will be. Even Bill Gates once wrote an essay entitled “content is king”, this proves influence of content in digital marketing. Therefore we must learn how to increase sales by great copywriting.

Can Everyone Make Copywriting and Content Marketing?

Nobody is born knowing how to make great copywriting or content marketing. Creating copywriting is a skill that anyone can learn, even if you are new to digital marketing. Read this article as we’ll show you how to write copy to increase sales.

When doing digital marketing people often confuse what is the difference between copywriting and content marketing. Indeed, there are some things in common between both of them and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish. But it’s purpose is very different.

The Difference of Copywriting and Content Marketing

Although both are used to connect with audiences, there are some differences between copywriting and content marketing. Here are the differences:


Copywriting is writing for advertising or marketing activities aimed at directing users to do something specifically. Such as directing your audience to buy a product, subscribe, contact you for product information, and more.

Usually copywriting takes the form email marketing, landing pages, and ads. It would be great if you could combine them. Creating an ad with a landing page, this can increase it’s conversions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is writing content aimed at entertaining, customer knowledge, or providing product or services information to customers. Usually, content marketing takes form ebooks, website blog pages, website pages, and social media.

Both of them are very important to increase sales using a website or online store, because it will not be optimal when you only use one of them. To attract audience interest, use some good content marketing.

After that, create copywriting according to the content marketing. Write copy and lead them to buy your products. A good copywriting usually makes the audience not notice even if you are leading them to buying a specific product. Write a good copywriting can also help you succeed while working or running a business, as copywriting will increase sales.

Important Factors of Copywriting

Writing copywriting and content marketing requires different writing skills. People who can write marketing content may not write copy, and vice versa. But by practice you will be able to do both of these things well. Here are some factors to watch out for when writing copywriting.

1. Understand What Your Product Is

Before selling a product or service to audiens, you must understand what you are selling. What are the benefits for customers, what are the advantages over competitors’ products and what are the disadvantages. To make sure you understand the product, please answer the following questions:

  • Who are your product audiens?
  • What problems can be solved?
  • What benefits can customers get?
  • What are the advantages over similar products?

When you understand your product, it will really help the next marketing process. Marketing activities will stay on track. SEO will target potential customers and advertising activities can target potential customers who need related products.

2. Know Potential Customer

Identifying potential customers is an extremely important part of copywriting. There must be a difference when we talk to a stranger and a friend. Talking to a friend will be more relaxed and more intimate. Because we already know him, it makes conversation feel more fun.

The better you get to know the prospect customer, the better you write copywriting. When you know a friend, know what he likes, what he thinks, what his favorite activities are, what his problem is and what solution he is looking for, it will be easier to make copywriting from a friend’s perspective. Your copywriting will be successful in the market.

To get to know more closely who your audience is, use google analytics and facebook pixel well. Both of these applications will provide the required data. Remember, the better you know your potential customer, the better your copywriting will be.

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3. Use a Catchy Title

According to research about 70% of internet users only read the article title and continue their activities. Therefore, the title is very important in attracting the audience’s interest to read your copywriting. An effective title is able to stop internet users’ activity and take the time to read your copywriting.

However, you still have to be careful when choosing a title, because when a title does not match with the content it will make users disappointed and reduce their trust. You have to consider these points when choosing a title:

  • Make promises to readers
  • Make them curious
  • Ask for their opinion

4. Use Bullets Points

Internet users do not read all content, some of them only read important things. Usually they will read the title, headings and bullets points.

Putting important content into bullet points will make it easier for the reader to grasp your message. The bullet points are more interesting for them to read, because it takes less time.

5. Limit Their Choices

Providing lots of choices is not always good, providing many choices in copywriting will confuse the reader. Write copy that directs readers to the page they should be reading. If you are using a landing page, direct them to it. Don’t give them several options such as links to blog pages, product pages, and other pages. Because this will obscure your message.

When you expect a direct user to buy a product, put buy buttons in several places. Use bigger buttons to grab their attention. Use a bold font and a different color. Try to keep your copywriting focused on directing readers to buy your product. Thus the conversion will be higher.

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6. Give Guarantee

It is not easy convincing people to buy a product that they have never bought, there are doubts even though they read the complete product description. Therefore copywriting must provide guarantee to readers that they will get more benefits when they buy your product. It could be a 1 year guarantee, 1 year free support, a money back guarantee, getting access to join the community and so on.

The guarantee will greatly influence their decision to buy your product. Everyone needs a guarantee , End your copywriting with a sentence that encourages them to buy your product right away.


Now you understand how to write copy and lead readers to buy your product. Start by getting their attention with stories that arouse curiosity, make use of key points, limit their choices and give guarantees.

Copywriting skill must be continuously honed to get better results. If you are running a business and need digital marketing services, we are ready to help. SWS Digital Agency has an experienced team of professionals in copywriting and content marketing. When you entrust us to manage your digital marketing, we believe your sales will increase by lower promotional costs.

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