Ide Bisnis Online
18 Ide Bisnis Online. Modal Kecil dan Untung Besar

If you see your neighbour buying a new car, even though he is only at home, don’t be surprised or think negatively. Because maybe he’s running an online business.

Online business is already popular and many people are successfully running it. Even some of them got rich.

Online Business Can Be Run From Home.

Several types of online businesses can be run from home, the important thing is that we have a smartphone or laptop and an internet network.

So don’t be surprised anymore. Maybe your neighbour has started his business at home for a long time and he’s enjoying the results now.

Are you also able to do business online? Of course, you can. The most important thing is the intention and doing it consistently.

Even though online business looks easy, it still has to be done consistently to get results.

Online Business Does Not Need Big Capital.

Many types of online businesses can be started with small capital, even without capital. But you can get a fairly high income, such as by creating applications or websites.

All circles can do it, as long as they have the ability and desire to learn. This article will provide some online business ideas that can inspire you to build an online business.

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Building and running an online business gives us the freedom to earn income from anywhere.

It can be from home, while on vacation or from a rice field embankment in the village. As long as there is an internet network it can be run.

But what business? So, the first thing you have to do is find a business idea that matches your skills and abilities.

Examples of Online Business Ideas.

The following are some examples of online business ideas that can start with a small amount of capital but can bring big profits.

1. Affiliate Program.

online business Affiliate Program.

If you enjoy writing or making video reviews about a product or service, you can turn this hobby into income. Because at this time there are so many companies that still use affiliate-based promotions.

You will get paid for every sale they get from your affiliate link, the amount paid also varies, some can even pay you up to 70% of the sales price.

All you need to do is make a review in the form of a video or writing in detail and post it on YouTube, social media or your website.

If you have a large following on social media or have a website with a large number of visitors, an online affiliate program business is very suitable to run.

Many people who have benefited from this online business, even the author, are also running this business and have gotten results.

2. Dropshipping Business.

Dropshipping Business.

When you want to run an online store, you may be worried about stocks, large amounts of inventory and capital.

By running an online dropshipping business, you can take customer orders in your online store and forward the orders to suppliers, who will send products to customers on your behalf.

Many suppliers provide the opportunity for dropshippers to sell their products at lower prices, the benefits that are given are also quite large.

The important thing that you have to do is optimize your online store website so that it gets lots of visitors.

If you open an online store in the marketplace, you can run optimization and advertising simultaneously to increase sales.

3. Online Business Tutoring.

Online Business Tutoring.

Not everything that is taught in school can be well received by students, so there are still many parents who choose to continue to increase their children’s learning hours with courses or tutoring.

However, current conditions make teaching and learning activities more difficult to do face-to-face, use this opportunity to build an online tutoring business.

Use tools like google classroom to make material that is good and easy to understand. The better your ability to use these tools, the easier it will be for you to provide study guidance.

Online tutoring businesses can generate quite high returns because you can schedule multiple sessions a day.

4. Create Digital Courses.

Create Digital Courses.

Now that digital courses are quite in demand in Singapore, many people choose to take digital courses to improve their abilities.

Instead of taking offline courses, taking digital courses makes it easier for people to upgrade their skills easily and at a lower cost.

You can prepare digital course material according to the skills you have, make it as detailed as possible by adding pictures and videos so it’s easy to understand.

If the material you create is complete and easy to understand, then you can put it on applications that provide digital courses, or you can even create your website.

You only need to prepare the material once, but it can be used by users many times, of course, the benefits are huge, right?

5. Become a YouTuber.

Become a YouTuber.

You can use your video-editing skills with sufficient detail and voice over capabilities to build a youtube channel.

Can be adjusted to your hobbies, such as cooking tutorials, reviews of tourist attractions, games, music tutorials and more.

If you enjoy doing something then documenting it in the video will not add to your burden, the additional skills you need are just simple video editing.

There have been many who have proven that an online business being a YouTuber can provide high income, what you need is the consistency to run this business.

6. Online Telecoaching Business.

Online Telecoaching Business

Telecoaching is guiding others such as guidance on healthy living and exercise guidance to get a healthier body.

If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle such as eating a healthy diet, exercising, gym or yoga, you can use it to earn an income.

Many people do not understand a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and how to exercise to shape the body according to their wishes.

Provide telecoaching services to guide them, besides you helping them to live healthier, you also get additional income.

7. Content Writers.

online business Content Writers.

The more companies that create websites for promotional activities, the more they need content writing services.

Because a website can’t get many visitors if it doesn’t have good content.

The visitor traffic of a website will increase if the content is continuously improved in terms of quality and quantity.

Many companies have realized this and try to add content to their websites, but the ability to write articles on websites is not owned by everyone.

If you have good content writing skills, take advantage of this opportunity to open a content writing service online business, combine your writing skills with SEO techniques to produce good articles.

You can promote your services through your website or LinkedIn social media because on LinkedIn there are many professionals and company owners who may need your services.

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8. Resume Design Services.

Resume Design Services.

An attractive and well-designed resume will attract HR attention, therefore many job seekers want to make a resume as attractive as possible.

But not everyone can design a resume well, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open an attractive online resume design service business.

Create some sample resume designs to attract job seekers to order your services, no need to charge a high price, because you can create a design template that is used for multiple resumes.

9. SEO Consultant Services.

Online Business SEO Consultant Services

If you understand how the Google search engine works and how to get a website position on the first page, then SEO consulting services are an online business that is suitable for you to run.

You don’t have to have an IT background, you can learn everything from the references provided by Google or other websites.

Learn the tools commonly used by SEO consultants such as the Google search console, google analytics, Moz pro, Ahref, and Semrush.

SEO consulting services are an online business that has great prospects because there are still many business owners who don’t realize how big the impact of search engine optimization (SEO) is.

Provide online consultations and explain to the business owner how SEO can increase their website traffic and increase sales.

Show them the benefits of using analytical data, keyword planning and content structure to gain a position on the first page of Google.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO or want to improve your digital marketing skills, you can refer to Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Keep in mind that Google’s algorithms are always changing, so you need to update your SEO knowledge to stay relevant and successful in this area.

Example: Search Engine Optimization Services.

10. Online Business Consulting Services.

Online Business Consulting Services

Maybe you already have experience building a business, it doesn’t need to be a big business, a small business doesn’t matter as long as you have benefited from the business.

You can use your business building experience to build business consulting services. Apart from helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed, you also get paid for consulting services.

Such as how to finalize business ideas, prepare branding, promotions, research prospects, find customers and increase sales.

However, to start this business, you must have experience in building a business and making a profit. Because your credibility depends on how successful the business you have run is.

11. Online Business Social Media Marketing Services.

Online Business Social Media Marketing Services

Skills in using social media are needed today, especially if you can create content that can get high reach and engagement.

Now that almost all companies have social media accounts, surely they need people who can manage social media accounts, right?

Usually, some companies leave it to digital agencies, others choose to hire staff to manage their social media accounts.

Business owners are often too busy or don’t understand how to manage social media accounts properly.

This is your chance to show them their skills in how to manage social media accounts and land potential customers.

By running a social media marketing services online business, you can help small businesses find the best strategy, plan content for social media and post regularly.

Social media has a very large audience, but many business owners don’t realize or even don’t understand how to use social media to increase sales.

If you have skills in social media marketing, photography and editing images to make them more attractive, you should try running an online social media marketing business.

Example: Social Media Marketing Services.

12. Online Business Website Development Services.

Online Business Website Development Services

Websites are a necessity in marketing activities in a company. Currently, many companies have websites, but some have not used them.

Promotion using online media will be more effective if you use a website, in addition to increasing brand awareness, the website is also able to bring in potential leads.

Therefore, online website development business is needed nowadays, you can offer website development services, website design, website redesign and website management.

Creating a website does require programming language skills, but you can learn how to make a website from the internet. Just type “the complete way to create a website” in Google, then you will get a lot of material to learn.

The programming languages ​​used to create websites are usually HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. But it does not rule out the possibility to use other programming languages.

Using a content management system (CMS) when creating a website will make your learning process easier. For example, you can learn how to create a website using WordPress.

Develop technical skills and build a comprehensive portfolio, then build your website as a portfolio to earn client trust.

Example: Website Development Services.

13. Blogger.


Writing on blogs seems outdated because so many people are already running it, but writing blogs with quality content is still promising.

Even though many people have written on blogs, Google will still display blogs that have quality content on the first page. If you have writing skills, you should try writing on a blog.

Starting an online business as a blogger does not require capital at all. You can create a blog on Blogspot, Weebly or WordPress.

Creating consistent and quality content is key.

Write content that is educational, informative, or entertaining so that more readers visit your blog.

After your blog visitors increase, you can make money by selling products such as online courses, digital training, e-books, webinars or installing Google Adsense.

14. Become a Virtual Assistant.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have good organizational skills and task management skills, perhaps becoming a virtual assistant is the right move.

Usually, virtual assistants do basic administrative tasks such as inputting data, arranging travel schedules, and answering phone calls.

If you have worked as an admin, it will be easy to do this job. Use Zirtual or a similar platform to get clients.

15. Remote IT Technician.

Remote IT Technician.

Many small companies do not have enough budgets to hire full-time IT staff, so when they experience a system problem, they usually call on other vendors to solve the problem.

If you have the expertise and understand computer and network technology in your company, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open remote IT technician services with a target market for small companies.

Build your reputation by creating a website that displays the services and portfolio that you have worked on, this will increase the company’s trust in your services.

However, this remote IT technician online business can only provide services for remote jobs.

16. Application Development.

Application Development

Application development services are increasingly needed in today’s digital era, many companies make applications to support company services.

Some companies need applications that are not complicated, only applications that have several features and display the company website in the application.

You can use this opportunity to open an online application development business, focusing on the target market according to the abilities you have.

If you can create complex applications, you can look for remote projects from larger companies.

Depending on your situation and knowledge, you may be able to create a profitable business from application development.

Example: Application Development Services.

17. Online Business Design Services.

Online Business Design Services.

Design skills are needed in today’s digital era, almost all marketing activities require design services to get high conversions.

But not all companies have the budget to recruit full-time design staff, many companies need part-time design services that can be paid on a project basis.

If you have good design skills you can build a design services online business for the needs of the company.

Apart from being able to do it remotely, you can work on several projects at once to get a high income.

Example: Graphic Design Services.

18. Video Editing Services.

Video Editing Services.

If you have good video editing skills, you can use them to open an online video editing service business.

Many companies need video editing services for marketing needs. You can also work with YouTubers to produce videos that are more attractive and professional.

You can also work with a digital agency in your area to offer video editing services, you will be paid based on the project you are working on.

Create several videos and posts on social media to show your skills and attract those who need your services.

Example: Photo and Video Services.

Which Online Business Is The Most Profitable?

All of the online businesses above will bring profits when you run consistently, when you are consistent in doing promotions and doing your best for clients, then over time, you will have loyal customers.

The key to success is simply doing your best and being consistent.

Online businessmen who are already successful and have high incomes must also have pioneered with great pains, when they don’t give up and continue to run it consistently, then they enjoy the results now.

How do you start an online business to be successful?

Online business does promise convenience and high income, but that doesn’t mean you will face situations that are always easy.

You will learn many things when starting an online business, but what makes you successful and survives is intention and consistency.

Here are some steps you can follow to maximize your chances of starting an online business success.

  • Choose a business idea that suits your knowledge and interests.
  • Find your business potential based on your target market.
  • Do market research and competition analysis
  • Create a comprehensive marketing strategy

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