How To Design a Success Online ShopOnline stores are becoming very popular these days, far beating some retail stores. Even some well-known retail stores are no longer able to survive and have begun to close their services in several locations. This is a new phenomenon, changes in people’s shopping styles have made retail store sales continue to decline. But, people’s shopping transactions at online shops are increasing rapidly.

Selling products online is more effective. In addition to cutting marketing costs, online shops also provide convenience to users. Such as choosing a product, comparing a product with other products and making payments through various payment systems.

Indeed, to create an online store that matches market expectations is not easy. Thinking about how to make your ecommerce easily found by people on the internet. You must understand several factors that influence the success of running an online store.

Many Online Stores Are Not Success

In addition to the ever-growing trend of online stores, the number of ecommerces in Singapore also increased. Many people are competing to create ecommerces to sell their products, but are many successful?
Not really..
According to data, only about 20% of ecommerces survive and continue to grow. The rest stopped and chose to close their new online stores. Why? Because they make online shops not according to market and search engine expectations. It could be that the design is not user friendly, slow, or other factors. The most common factors are usually:

1. Not Easy To Use

Remember, users come to your online shop to see and buy products, not to learn how to use your online shop.

2. Unclear product description

When you sell products through ecommerce, potential buyers can only see photos and descriptions. Make it as detailed as possible, so that prospective buyers can be sure of buying it.

3. Slow

When shopping online the most irritating thing is that the website or online store app is slow. This has a huge impact on the customer experience.

Creating an online store but not paying attention to branding, seo, user experience, transparency and engagement is futile. Your online shop will not grow and sales transactions will not increase. Here are some factors that must be considered when starting an ecommerce in order to be successful in the market.

1. Strong and Simple Brand

Create a brand or brand that is easy for the public to remember, for example grab, carousell, Gojek and others. We recommend that your brand name contains only one or two syllables, depending on the domain that is still available. Try to keep the name simple and catchy and easy to remember. A memorable brand name will help you in your marketing activities, at less cost you can make people remember your brand easily.

When you get a simple and attractive online store brand, keep it consistent. Constantly changing your online shop name will affect the credibility of your business and lead to a decline in customers. Brand is your identity in society, after choosing a good brand, do not change it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Just like a brand, you should also not change the domain name and keep it. When customers are familiar with your website or ecommerce, changing your domain name will decrease website visitors. In terms of SEO it is also strongly discouraged, the position of your online shop in search engines will drop drastically. Being consistent in your domain address makes your business consistent to customers and search engines.

2. Online Shop Design

Just like arranging the decoration and layout of goods in an offline store, an online shop must also have an attractive appearance and layout and make it easier for customers when looking for a product. Create an attractive online shop design, use the latest ecommerce features and display products in an appropriate layout.

Besides being attractive, the online store design must also be used by all groups. Online shop users have different levels of education and backgrounds, not all of them are used to using websites or ecomerce. Make your online store design easy to use, the easier it is to use, the wider your online shop’s reach will be.

Display complete product information, use clear and multiple-sided product photos. If possible, use video to increase customer confidence to buy your product. On each product page that you create, provide a contact, it can be chat or a link to the contact page. This way, customers can easily contact you to ask for unclear product information.

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3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is very important when running a website or ecommerce, because the largest source of online shop visitors comes from search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and others. The better your online shop optimized, the more possible to get the first page of Google search results. Do SEO optimization properly so that your online store’s position in search engines increases.

When doing search engine optimization target topics and keywords that are relevant to your product. Analyze the keywords used by customers when looking for similar products, look for related keywords and develop them into a topic. No need to target popular keywords and get lots of website visitors, but not relevant to your product. Remember that search engine optimization is an effort to increase website visitors in quantity and quality. This means increasing website visitors who can become potential customers.

Search engine optimization must also pay attention to mobile responsiveness, because starting from 2016 Google has prioritized websites that have responsive mobile user interface. Keep your online store user interface good even when accessed using various devices and make sure its features are still available when accessed using a mobile device.

4. Promotion Using Multiple Media

Social media is the largest source of website visitors after search engines, currently there are about 3 billion social media users in the world. Promote your online store using social media marketing such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only getting online shop visitors, social media promotions also increase the brand awareness of your business.

Provide an email subscription at your online shop, so customers can register their email to get the latest promo or product information. With email marketing we can maintain closer relationships with customers, provide updates about online stores and deliver other important information.

When doing promotions using social media and email marketing, don’t forget to use interesting marketing content. Content marketing is very influential in increasing conversions. The better your marketing content, the more conversions you get. Use content marketing in the form of videos, because now internet users are more interested in video content than text.

5. Various Payment Methods

Internet users are usually very concerned about service fees when making payments, they definitely avoid bank transfer fees. This can determine whether the transaction will continue or not. Provide bank transfer payment options using several commonly used banks so that they can choose the appropriate option.

In addition to payments using bank transfers, currently many internet users use digital wallets such as paypal, ovo, crypto and others. To further pamper customers, provide payment options using digital wallets and credit cards. Remember, internet users need convenience.

What is more popular today is the cash on delivery payment option or often abbreviated as COD. When your online shop uses the COD payment option, your business can reach people who don’t have access to financial institutions such as banks and digital wallets. In addition, the COD option is very popular today, especially among housewives. Collaborate with delivery companies that provide COD payment options, usually they are willing to pay for your products before customers pay in cash.

6. Short Payment Process

I once shopped at an online shop and during the checkout or payment process, I was told to fill out a very long form. If the product I bought was not very important, I might cancel the purchase. Internet users don’t like complicated and wordy things. Make your payment page as simple as possible, one page is highly recommended. When the user presses the buy button, directs them to the data entry page and if possible make them complete the payment on that page too.

If you pay attention to some of the factors above when creating an online store, we are sure that your online store will get a positive response from internet users. However, we still have to develop insights, especially the insights of customers who are already using your online shop.

Use google analytic and facebook pixel to get more complete data, so you can find out how internet users use your online store. Study it well and use the data to improve design quality and better service. Continually improving quality means you are one step better than your competitors.

If you need professional online shop development services, we can help you create an online store that meets market expectations and search engines. Our SEO analysis will ensure that your online shop appears on the first page of Google search results. We have a complete solution for your online shop.