There are many changes that have occurred in the digital era today, one of the changes is the shopping system in the society. Starting from the choosing of products, comparing one  product to other products, and the purchasing process is done online. As a businessman, of course, you  have to adjust the promotion methods with all the  changes.

The  internet users in Singapore is rapidly growing,  according to hootsuite it reached 85% of Singapore population. Therefore, the website is the best choice for businessmen  to sell and promote  the products. The website makes it easier  to promote and sell the products to the  market.

Internet users are usually looking for product references from the searching system such as Google. Make sure that your website is optimized so  it can be found on the first page of Google with the right keywords. The more people find your website, the sales will be increasing too.

jasa pembuatan website di batam

We provide website development services as your business needed. Designed by an experienced team who understands how to optimize the website and make it has good user interface, fast and user friendly.

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jasa seo di batam

SEO services are able to put  your website on the first page of the google search result with the right keywords. When SEO elements are optimized well, it would increase your website position on search engine and increase your website visitor.

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sosial media marketing di batam

Doing Promotion in social media to introduce the products or services closer to the audiens, it will increase customer's trust and increase the website visitors.

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install server di batam

Server installation services, server configuration and server provider for your business needs. Doing regular maintenance and security updates, so that your business will run smoothly.

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Updated & Secured

Social media grows continuously and creates new innovations. It is not surprising that the  users will grow continuously too. According to hootsuite data, 79% of Singapore population uses social media. By using the  social media as a means in doing the promotion,  so your  market share  will increase.

Social media also gives us an easy way to promote and sell the products to specific people who like and need the product most. 

Security is also the most important thing in doing business, you will never know when your business will be attacked by hackers or others. The server management services will do maintenance and security updates regularly, so that the server can run properly.

Branding Your Business!

Price does not always equal with the Value”

There are many products whose price is much higher than their value, but there are also products whose price is lower than their value. The price of a product is not always determined by its value, but there are other factors that can increase the price of a product, it is BRANDING.

Branding is one of the most effective ways to increase the price of your product. Let’s compare the price of coffee at the small coffee shop with the coffee in Starbucks, it must be much more expensive at Starbucks, right? But people still buy it. We as consumers also think  it’s price is reasonable, Why? Because their branding has succeeded in influencing us as consumers.

Branding is easier to do in this digital era. You can create elegant product catalogs, brand logo, brochures, flyers and product videos. The right branding strategy can increase the price of your products and increase your brand awareness.

brand design di batam

Company logo development services, brand guidelines and brand collateral. Increase your business brand in the eyes of consumers.

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graphic design

Editorial design services, company profile development, company catalog, stationary, packaging design, brochure and social media visual design.

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digital produk di batam

Digital product optimization services such as user experience design, user interface design, web design and mobile apps design. Making your digital products user friendly.

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media production di batam

We provide photo and video production such as, company profile videos, commercial videos and promotional videos. We make it easy for you to carry out  the product promotions and increase advertisement conversions.

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