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Web design is the first thing that website visitors can look at, it can be analogized that website design is like the decoration of your shop or your company building. Therefore, web design plays an important role in attracting potential customers to find information about the products or services that you offer on your website.

Currently online promotion is as important or even more important than offline promotion. The digital era requires companies to be easily found online, it can from web or social media. You should pay more attention to online promotions, one of which is website design of your company.

Bad web design makes website visitors not liking it, feeling bored, and leaving it. The information you offer can not be conveyed. It’s like when you visit a dirty shop, the product layout is messy and the decorations are cluttered. Surely you will leave it soon and look for another better shop.

It can be concluded that web design is an important part of running a business. The smallest mistakes in web design can also ruin the user experience when visiting your website, it can decrease your sales. Here are some factors that you should pay attention to when designing a website.

User Friendly Design

The most important aspect of web design is making it usable for all users. The education level and background of your web visitors are different, maybe some of them are not used to using the website or shopping online. With a user friendly web design, it is hoped that all users can use your web smoothly.

Website Speed

Speed ​​is also a very important factor, a slow website can quickly destroy your business reputation. Regardless of the connection used by users, if a web page doesn’t load in three to six seconds, potential visitors may leave your website and never come back. In other words, the faster your website is accessed, the greater the opportunity to get new customers. Conversely, the slower your website is accessed, the more likely you are to lose existing customers.


The look and feel of your web pages is just as important as the functionality of the web. The time you have to impress web visitors and tell them exactly what information you want to convey is only about 10 seconds. If they aren’t impressed or don’t get the information within 10 seconds, they will most likely leave your web page. Create a web design that focuses on the information you want to convey and has matching colors.

Web Content

Currently, website users are increasingly selective in obtaining information. Even if your web pages are easily accessible, function well, are fast and look great, website visitors will not stay long unless you offer interesting content and there is an advantage for them when they read it. Content marketing is indeed the most important thing in company promotional activities. Nowadays people prefer content in video than text, by giving some video space in your web design, the results will be better.

Contact Info

The most annoying thing is when we visit a website but it’s hard to find the contact. This will discourage customers from contacting you. Make sure that every page of the website has a link to the contact page, so that users can easily contact your business when they need the products or services you offer.


Every page on your website must be functioning optimally at all times. If there is a problem with the web page, then immediately ask support to solve the problem. However, if the problem cannot be resolved soon, then direct the user to another related page. Thus your website users are not disappointed and can still get other information on your web.

Responsive UI

Currently, website visitors mostly use mobile devices to access websites. When the user interface of a website cannot work properly when accessed using a mobile device, half of potential customers will just disappear. A good web design must prioritize mobile users and ensure all web features are still available when accessed using a mobile device.

After reading the article above you can design a website for your business or company well. If your company does not yet have a web designer, we can help you.

SWS Digital Agency has a web designer team, they were experienced in designing several company websites. Our team is able to design a website with a good user interface and still pay attention to user experience. Please contact us.

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