Servers are very important to maintain because servers are the heart of infrastructure and communications in a company. If a problem occurs with the server, it will have an impact on other company activities.

Therefore, companies that are already using a server should have a server administrator staff whose job is to configure, maintain and troubleshoot when a problem occurs on the server. However, this will increase the company’s operational costs because the server administrator’s salary is quite high.

We provide server and cloud management services to minimize server maintenance costs in your company. With lower costs, our staff can perform regular configuration and maintenance. If a problem occurs, our staff will immediately perform the troubleshooting. So that operations continue running smoothly.

We Provide Server, Cloud and Hosting For Your Business

Dedicated Server

We rent out dedicated servers for corporate needs. Various specifications and bandwidth choices and 99% uptime

Cloud Computing

We provide a cloud with specifications that can be adjusted to your needs. Consult with us about cloud requirements for your business.


We provide unlimited shared hosting and private cloud hosting for your business website needs.

Server Administrator Services

Server & Cloud Management

Server and cloud must be regularly maintained, program updates and security to be safe from attackers.

Install Control Panel

Install control panel services on the server to facilitate server management without having to use the CLI

Install Web Server

Web server install services for offline and online website-based application needs

Install Email Server

Email server installation services for corporate communication needs


Virtualization installation and configuration services to divide a server into several VPS.

Install Firewall

Service install firewall and iptables server update to increase server security

When we talk about servers, many terms are used such as On-premises server, dedicated server and cloud. Here we will explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.

The on-premises server is the term given to a physical server that is located in a corporate server room. Usually, companies buy server units, put them in the server room, set the air conditioner for 24 hours and install servers as needed. However, this on-premises server is actually inefficient when compared to dedicated servers and cloud. 

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Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a term given where we rent a unit (full) that is placed in a data centre and is connected to high-speed internet (starting from 100mbps). Usually dedicated servers are cheaper than the cloud, but in the future, if we need more HDD space or memory, we can’t upgrade.


In the cloud we can manage, increase and reduce resources (space and memory) at any time, it can even be created automatically. We can rent a cloud according to our current needs, if in the future we need larger resources, we can add it in an instant. You can pay as you go.

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Installation & Management
SGD 250monthly
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Regular Backup
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Configure as You Need
  • Install Applications


as You Need
  • Instal Applications
  • Configure Server and Apps
  • Consultation Server & Cloud
  • Consultation Hosting
  • Security Update
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