There are many changes that have occurred in the digital era today, one of the changes in the shopping system in society. Starting from the choice of products, comparing one product to other products, and the purchasing process is done online. As a businessman, of course, you have to adjust the promotion methods with all the changes.

The internet users in Singapore is rapidly growing,  according to Hootsuite, it reached 85% of the Singapore population. Therefore, the web is the best choice for businessmen to sell and promote the products.

Here some benefits of having a web for your business:

Online Presence 24/7

Customers are always able to find your business - anytime, anywhere

Information Exchange

Quich and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers

Web Cuts Costs

You can also use your web to sell product or services directly to consumers

Market Expansion

Anyone, from any country, will be able to find your business

Consumer Insights

You can identify who your typical customer and adapt to your business strategy

Advertising Media

SEO and online adversiting are a great way to help build up awareness

Competitors Online

It is crucial that no opportunities are missed and are gained by the competition

Growth Opportunity

Website are great ways to in providing a place that potential investor can be referred to

Check Out Our Web Development Services

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Web development services enhance company image and introduce products or services to consumers.

WEB DESIGN near singapore


Designing a web from scratch to get a unique website user interface and adjust with the character of your business

REDESIGN WEBSITE service singapore


Making your old website user interface more elegant, faster, responsive and user friendly

CMS DEVELOPMENT service singapore


Web development uses a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, open cart and Shopify

website optimization service singapore


Website optimization services make your web faster, user friendly and increase your web position on search engine

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Online Shop

Sell your products or services using online shop (ecommerce) and get customer from wide world

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Content and article development services that are able to explain your product well to consumers and SEO friendly

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Data entry services help you upload the products or services to the website

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Website management services help you create web content, increase web visits and increase sales through the web

Does Your Business Need a Website?

Your business can reach the online market in several ways such as social media, google my business and websites. After answering the questions below, you can conclude the most effective and most efficient way to reach a wider market.

  1. Who are your target customers?
  2. Where can you find them?
  3. Are they looking for your product or service on the internet?

When someone looks for products or services on the internet, usually he already has clear intentions and goals. For example, John is looking for “nearest public notary services” on a search engine, so means that John needs a public notary, this is a great opportunity for your business when your web find easily on the internet. 

Easier your business can be found on the internet, greater opportunity to increase your sales. Therefore there is nothing wrong with using several methods such as having a website, promotion using social media, and local SEO optimization so customers can find your business easily.


1. Website Development for Business  Service

The service business contact list must be easily accessible to customers, you will not know when customers need your services. Therefore we need a website that displays complete services, prices and contacts that can be contacted. Contacts can be in the form of email, telephone number, cell phone number, email or business location that has been registered in Google my business.

Some examples of services that require website development services such as:

  • Notary website development
  • AC Service website development
  • Computer Service website development
  • Car Service website development
  • Photo & Video Services website development
  • Car Rental Services website development
  • Catering Services website development

2. Web development for Selling Some Products  (Online Shop)


Selling products is much easier using a website or online store, instead of that we can reach a wider market. If the product that you produce has high quality, it can be marketed internationally using a web. Show products with complete descriptions, so that sales through the website will increase.

Here are some examples of businesses that require web development services to market their products:

  • Fashion Online Shop
  • Health Products Online Shop
  • Tools Online Shop
  • Manufacture of Industrial Equipment Online Shop
  • Electronic Equipment Online Shop
  • Furniture Online Shop
  • Property Online Shop

3. Web Development for Companies, Agencies and Government

Most companies had used the web as a media to promote their products. Instead of the wide-reaching of the web, the costs are also less when compared with the promotions using print media. By using the company website, you can explain in detail the products or the services offered.

The service to the society must be improved, one is by providing online services using a web. Public service using the web can increase efficiency, both in terms of efficiency of time and fund issued. Information delivery is also faster, therefore most government agencies and offices need a web.

Examples of agencies and companies which need web development services:

  • Community web development
  • Church web development
  • Event web development
  • News web development
  • Forum web development

Website Need Domain and Hosting

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The domain is the address of a website. Surely we often hear the words and, right? It is an example of a domain name. The domain can be adjusted to the name of your business or company, but in conditions, if it’s still available.


Hosting is the space and server resources which are used to put a website. Hosting is actually a server computer that is turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is connected to the internet.

jasa web design di batam

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