In this digital era photos and videos play an important role in increasing the value of products from the consumers perspective. Through photos and videos that are taken in detail, potential customers can understand easily and understand the advantages of the products that you offer. Besides that, promotion is also much easier, through social media, websites and other platforms.

Taking pictures and videos also requires special skills, we must pay attention to every detail of the product or service that must be displayed. The advantages of the product or service must be clearly seen so that consumers can understand what the advantages of the product or service we offer.

SWS Digital Agency has a team that is experienced in taking photos and videos for commercial purposes such as product photos, product videos, company profile videos and other commercial videos. Supported by good equipment and a creative team, we are able to provide the best service for your business.

Photo & Video Services We Provide

photo product services


Product photo taking services using professional cameras and layouts that suit your business needs.

video product services


Product video taking services use professional cameras and themes that are adjusted to your business needs.

commercial video services


Video development services for commercial purposes such as social media advertisements, video advertisements, and other commercial videos.

company profile video services


Company profile video development services, company documentation and company promotional videos.

The dimensions of the photos and videos that we make will be adjusted to your promotional needs. We will create several dimensions to post on social media such as Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook and YouTube.

Product photos and videos are the things that most influence ad conversions on social media. Advertisements that use professional photos and videos will be preferred by potential customers. This means that the product or service you offer will be more easily accepted by potential customers.

Awesome Photo & Video Complete Your Brand

Once, a company would print a company profile in the form of a book, some only a few pages, but some up to dozens of pages. The contents of this company profile are text and images that aim to explain the company to partners or consumers. It can be tiring to read dozens of pages of text just to get to know a company more closely.

Along with the development of digital technology, nowadays company profiles are much more concise and can be made using video. Through a video company profile, partners and potential customers can easily understand the company’s products, services and goals. With a duration of fewer than 5 minutes, we can explain all the company’s objectives, products, services and advantages

jasa foto produk di batam

Professional Product Photography

Cut Through the Noise

Build Brand Identity

Make Your Brand More Visible

Build Trust

Increase Conversion

Reach Mobile Audiences

Awesome Product Video

Convert Prospects into Customers

Product Videos Build Trust

Google gives priority to Videos

Product Videos Engage Customers

jasa video promosi di batam

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Product Photo

Min 5 Products
SGD 30per product
  • Professional Camera
  • Include Editing & Touching
  • 3 Size
  • Free Editable file
  • Free Layout

Company Profile

Professional Video
  • 5 Minutes Duration
  • Include Video Concept
  • Include Video Taking
  • Include Editing & Touching
  • Sound Voice Over
  • Music Paid
Creative Digital Agency

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We provide the best services for each of our clients, and we hope their business is growing and increasing their sales through digital marketing. Not all businesses can be developed by the same method, there are differences between one business and another. Therefore you need a creative team who can find the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

Website Development

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Server & Cloud Management

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Brand Design Services

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Digital Product Design

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Photo & Video Production

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