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Social media marketing is one of the right ways to promote because currently, more than 79% of Singapore’s population is using social media. It increases the chances of promoting a product or service to the right person

The presence of a business on social media increases brand awareness. Promotion can be targeted at social media users who need your product or service most. This will make the promotion cost more effective and efficient. Through social media, you can also get feedback from consumers, so it can be a material for quality improvement.

Here are some of the benefits of social media for your business:

  • Knowing your customers better
  • Promote can be targeted to the right people
  • Getting new customers
  • Getting feedback from customers
  • Developing a target market
  • Increasing website visitors
  • Providing product or service education to customers
  • Promotion costs are cheaper
  • Increasing brand awareness


Social Media Marketing Services We Provide

facebook and instagram ads management

Ads Management

Managing your advertisement on social media, targeting audience to get better advertisement  conversions

email marketing services

Email Marketing

Managing customer data and send product updates and newsletters to customers regularly

facebook management services

Facebook Management

Managing your business Facebook page to improve the quality of Facebook content and increase reach and engagement

instagram management services

Instagram Management

Managing your business Instagram account, improve content quality and increase reach and interactions

linkedin management services

Linkedin Management

Managing your LinkedIn business account, improve content quality, increase impression and engagement rate

content calendar services

Content Calendar

Designing a content calendar for your business's social media than can be posted regularly and targeted

What is the difference between social media management and advertising?

When you place an advertisement on Facebook, your content will get reach and engagement according to the budget paid. Your follower may not increase, because the target is not to increase followers. When you stop paying for your advertising, your reach and engagement posts will be back to normal. But Facebook Advertisement can be used when we need a large reach in a short time, for example, promo and event or others.

Social media management includes providing high-quality contents, posting regularly and sharing with several Facebook groups.  Not only increase reach and engagement, but your follower will also increase. When you have a lot of followers, you don’t need to be advertised anymore to do promotions, just post.

jasa sosial media di batam

It Cuts Costs

Promotion can be cheaper using social media marketing. Its reach is also very broad so that your products and services will be known by many people. We can also do targeting so that our promotions can reach the right people and have high conversion results.

Easier To Reach

Currently, almost all institutions create social media accounts, both government and private institutions. The goal is to be closer and easier to communicate with customers. Social media is a suitable place for promotion, it is not being cheap, communication with potential customers is also easier to do.

jasa sosial media management di batam

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Post + Copywriting
SGD 300monthly
  • Include Copywriting
  • Include Content Calendar
  • 6 Posts For a week
  • Share To Groups
  • Design/image Provided by Client


as you need
  • Include Copywriting
  • Include Design
  • Include Content Calendar
  • Post Regularly
  • as your need
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We provide the best services for each of our clients, and we hope their business is growing and increasing their sales through digital marketing. Not all businesses can be developed by the same method, there are differences between one business and another. Therefore you need a creative team who can find the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

Website Development

website development services near singapore

SEO Services

seo services near singapore

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing near singapore

Server & Cloud Management

server and cloud management near singapore

Brand Design Services

brand design services

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services near singapore

Digital Product Design

Digital Product Design near singapore

Photo & Video Production

Photo & Video Production near singapore
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