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Branding is an activity related to everything to improve the character, image, impression of a company or product. The purpose is to be known and get the attention of potential customers.

There are several purposes for branding:

1. Controlling the Market

The first objective is to control the market and find ways to be remembered by the public, so the product or service offered can be accepted and desirable.

2. As a differentiator

If a symbol, colour and image displayed is unique and has distinctive characteristics, it will be easy for people to remember and distinguish it from other products. And Also makes the product or service more original.

3. Forming an Image

Successful branding can shape an image, guarantee quality, prestige and give people confidence in a product. This can be achieved if the experience and visual information are given in full during the first introduction period.

4. As a media  of promotion

Finally as a media of promotion or increasing consumer attractiveness. By displaying branding that is the hallmark of a product, the promotion will result in better conversions.


Brand Design Services We Provide



Your logo is at the centre of your brand's visual identity. When designing logos, we consider all future applications such as websites, packaging, clothing, commercial signage, etc.

We developed a logo suite that can include alternative layouts, colour versions, and sub-logos so that your brand has the flexibility to adapt to multiple uses while remaining consistent



We establish brand guidelines that create your visual and verbal identity system. This includes the correct use of logos, colour palettes, typography, language, imagery, iconography and other specifications that ensure the appearance of your brand consistently across all types of media and applications - websites, company catalogues, email templates, and all other print and digital marketing guarantees.



Your brand design includes all of your internal and external marketing materials. We help you develop the assurance that best supports your goals and objectives. We combine your visual identity and key message, focusing on how your audience prefers to interact with you and how your company operates.

Many benefits will be obtained if branding is done in the right way. Especially in today’s digital era, people usually start choosing products using smartphones. The first thing they see is the branding of a product. If the products we offer have strong branding, it will be easier to stick in the hearts of potential customers. Branding also provides other benefits such as:

1. Gives Its Own Attraction

The right branding by displaying a good image and impression will make consumers interested in buying it.

2. Distinguishing Between One Product to Another

As explained above. The uniqueness of can is the difference between a product with similar products.

3. Get Customer Loyalty

The next benefit is it can increase customer loyalty. So that it will not change and production capacity will remain stable.

4. Get a Higher Selling Price

The stronger the product branding you have, the higher opportunity for the company to increase the selling price. This is certainly not a problem, because it has been trusted by the consumers.

Non-Branding VS Branding

jasa brand design di batam

Without Branding

You can find mineral water without branding in some shops. Here some characteristics of it:

Not interesting display

The price is cheap

Not for all level in the society

Not very good taste

Not much sales

After Branding

Cheap mineral water can be expensive after the branding process is done. Here some characteristics of it:

Interesting display

Selling price more expensive

For all society level

Better taste

More sales

jasa brand design di batam

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SGD 200net
  • Include Logo
  • Include Logo detail
  • Include Editable file
  • Revision 3 Times
  • 3 Color option


  • Company Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Design
  • Brand Strategy
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