what is company profile

A company profile is a professional introductory tool for a company that aims to attract the attention of readers and convey information about a company concisely. Well designed to make a strong impact and an attractive impression on potential investors or clients.

It designed according to the character of the company will make a difference from other companies. Serves as a resume that helps build the company’s credibility with clients and investors.

A company profile is a summary of all relevant elements of an agency or company. This can be in the form of a statement describing important information about the business that serves several purposes.

Usually, it created for potential customers, stakeholders, suppliers, financial institutions, government regulators, and potential investors.

Benefits of Company Profile

The benefits of a company profile are that it contains detailed information about the company that acts as a medium of representation, marketing tools, a complement to proposals, as well as a medium for branding and publication.

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To cooperate with other clients or vendors, the company owner uses a company profile to introduce his company. So it must be made as best as possible so that it reflects the original character and values ​​of the company.

Information in the Company Profile

Although no standard rules are governing the contents of a company profile, it usually contains the following:

  • Company name.
  • Company history.
  • Organizational structure and stakeholders.
  • Company’s address.
  • Company contact information.
  • Company operational data.
  • The overall business strategy of the company includes the vision and mission.
  • Products and services offered by a company.
  • Company financial data including main assets, profit and income.
  • Past, present and future shows.
  • Information about human resources.
  • Short term and long term goals of the company.

How to Create a Company Profile

A company profile is a promotional tool as well as unique offers that can reach potential customers and make them interested in your company. Here are some steps to create a good company profile.

1. Identify Your Purpose

Company profiles can be used in several scenarios, so you must focus on the goals you want to achieve from creating them. Make it a rough draft to impress your target audience. This will give you an idea of ​​your goal and how to get there.

2. Adjust the Language Style

Once you have a clear goal, decide on the tone and style of language you want to adopt to reach your audience. Adjust the language style to the target audience, if your target audience is a business then you should use more standard language. However, if your target is direct to the customer, then use a more relaxed language style.

Also, match the style and tone with the character of the company, don’t be afraid to experiment because it will look new and innovative to the reader.

3. Create a compelling story

Don’t just present facts and figures, but make it a short story that is catchy and captivates your audience when reading it. Use descriptive language to make it easier for your audience to understand your company.

4. Show Vision and Mission

Write a compelling vision and mission that highlights the core values ​​of your business. Let your audience know your company’s short and long-term business plans. So that they can see the goals and prospects for the future development of your company.

5. Show Company History

Show company history and progress that has been achieved in the form of a timeline. Highlight the list of important achievements of the company’s development to date. So that readers can see the company’s performance each year.

6. Testimonials From Clients

If possible insert good client testimonials on your company profile, testimonials from well-known companies will enhance your company’s image in the eyes of clients and potential investors.

7. Include contact information

One of the main goals of creating a company profile is for clients or investors to contact your company. Therefore a complete and easy-to-view contact list is required.

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Insert your email address, telephone number, mobile number, FAX, WhatsApp, email, website URL and other contacts. Using QR Code can also be an interesting option because people are used to using them.

8. Find Other References

There’s nothing wrong with looking at other references to improve quality, even from your competitors. The more you see references, the more ideas you get. Combine these ideas into an attractive design and answer your audience’s questions.


Every company should have a company profile to support company activities. Create the best company profile for your business, because clients or investors will judge your company through your company profile. Customize its style with the characteristics of your company and target audience.

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