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When is Editorial Design Needed?

Communication within a company is very important to know the company’s situation, market, trends, competitors and other factors that can help provide direction for communication strategies both online and offline.

Another important thing is external communications, such as press releases, advertisements and other external communications. The most common sections of editorial design are magazine and company catalogs, print media publications and online media.

The basic skills needed to be a good editorial designer are almost the same as any other type of graphic design, there are always unique challenges and general rules to be aware of.

General Rules In Editorial Design

We’ll cover some general rules of good editorial design for your reference.

1. Get to know the audience more closely.

The most important rule is to know your audience, understand their character and create a design they might like. When we understand the character of our target audience, then we can easily create a design that suits them.

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Communicate the company’s message through a design that suits your target audience using colours that catch their eye. The message conveyed can be direct or subtle at the subconscious level.

2. Cover Design.

The facts prove that the front cover is the most important page in a magazine or catalog, so you should dedicate more time to get a stunning cover design.

The cover design should be unique and eye-catching when placed in a busy outlet so that it looks different from other book covers around it. In addition, the cover should also trigger curiosity and tell the essence of the content contained in it.

However, there is a difference between the cover design on a printed magazine or catalog and the cover design that is published online. You have to be observant in making cover designs for both of these things.

3. Use an Appropriate Grid Layout.

Grid layout is the foundation of all areas of graphic design, as is editorial design. The editorial design should have a solid grid to form the backbone and give structure to the page.

Adjust the number of grid columns you use, because the number of grid columns will give a different feel to your magazine or catalog page design.

While grid column layout is important in editorial design but not a necessity, try occasionally making designs that are independent of grid columns for a more loose, flexible design feel.

4. Typographic Structure.

You’ll find some examples of beautiful and experimental typography in magazines or catalogs but not all of them look fancy. A good editorial design should have a strong typographic structure, from the content to the appearance of the title.

Typography selection will not only help provide visual beauty and comfort but will also act as a layout navigation guide for readers.

5. Use Blank Sections.

Some editorial designers are afraid to leave blank spaces in their designs and try to fill in those parts. Even though empty space has the benefit of making readers focus on an important message to be conveyed.

A stunning photo will have a bigger impact when it is scaled back and framed in white. Attention can also be drawn to the title by flowing white space across the page before starting the content.

6. Prepare for multiple platforms.

Are you designing for print or digital media? or do both at the same time? It’s very important to make sure that your design works well on all platforms.

The best step is to create the design for the digital version first, as it’s often easier to convert it to a static page than vice versa.

7. Unique Design.

Find uniqueness in your ideas and designs. Seemingly fluctuating design trends in the publishing industry require a unique editorial design to stand out.

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Editorial design is very much needed in publishing company publications in the form of print or online media. With a good editorial design, the magazine or catalog will be more attractive to read. An editorial designer must pay attention to the points above to get a better design.

Indeed, not all companies have design teams that have editorial design skills to create magazines or catalogs. Companies can hire other vendors to do it.

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