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Brand Collaterals is a collection of media and promotional materials used to promote a business’s brand to the market or consumers. Brand collaterals provide important and valuable support for the sales and marketing activities of products or services offered by a brand.

Benefits of Brand Collaterals

1. Provide information to customers

Marketing companies need to present something in the form of images and content to customers that highlight company details, brand values, and specific details of the products and services offered. This helps the sales staff to provide information about the company in an effective manner.

In addition, when a customer brings a company flyer there is a high probability that he will pass it on to his social circle and will further generate word of mouth for the brand.

2) Promotion Tool

Brand collaterals is a promotional tool for sales staff at trade shows, sponsored events, exhibitions featuring brand profiles, values ​​and product and service offerings.

3) Shows the nature and value of a brand

The creative and design elements used in the planning, design and execution of brand collaterals have a lot to say about the nature of the brand and its values ​​that give it an edge over market competition. Often times, customers judge brands based on the creative elements, print quality, and design aesthetics used in the media. Like brochures and other print advertisements.

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However, nowadays many companies are changing their promotional style towards being environmentally friendly by shifting promotional activities through websites, videos and mobile applications as the main collateral brand.

How Do Brand Collaterals Work?

  • Brand collaterals make sales promotion and marketing strategies easier and more effective.
  • Brand collaterals are one of the most technical and integral parts of the overall planning and strategy of a brand.
  • Brand collaterals are planned and designed with the aim of educating the market and consumers about a business brand and offering a product or service.
  • Brand collaterals showcase the core values ​​and brand personality of a business as a whole and create first impressions on the minds of customers using design aesthetics, content and other creative elements.

The marketing and branding team in a company has the main task of planning, designing, and implementing the brand collaterals directly. Usually, companies also have a creative team or marketing director to provide final approval for marketing and branding activities.

Indeed, some companies employ digital agencies to work on the collateral brand, but there are also companies that form an internal design team consisting of graphic designers and content writers to design it. It depends on how big the company needs.

What is Included in the Collateral Brand?

1. Name Card

Business cards are very important in the list of brand collaterals because they are the first thing brand collaterals is printed and distributed to external parties. Starting from top management to all employees in a company, all of them have business cards that display the business brand name, logo, address, title, and tagline.

2. Company Stationery

Stationery-related items such as letterheads, envelopes, business diaries, notepads, pens and other related items carry a business brand logo, mascot, and tagline designed according to the theme with a creative aesthetic in mind. The quality of the paper used for printing is also selected according to the design elements.

3. Company Brochures

A company brochure is also very important in the brand collaterals as it specifically displays the brand journey of a business and the company profile. Also the company’s vision and mission, values, goals, fundamentals, and details of the products and services offered by the company.

It showcases the branding strength of a business and is usually circulated to the investor and customer community during fairs and sales venues.

4) Product or Service Brochures

Next in line are specialized and dedicated brochures talking about the brand’s products and services. From traits, features, unique selling propositions, product manufacturing techniques, and how they benefit the customer to some of the key details of the brand and company are highlighted in the brochure.

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Apart from having printed copies, other versions such as electronic brochures and video brochures are also chosen by brands with eco-friendly motifs plus they keep track of technological advances.

5. Company website

It is very important for every business brand to have a company website that is well designed and displays in detail the history of a brand, success stories, profiles, products and services, values, vision statements, mission statements, customer testimonials, to contact details that have company address, email address, and contact number to generate the required leads.

Apart from those we have mentioned above, brand collaterals also include packaging materials, PowerPoint presentations, coffee table books, company videos, signage and other promotional materials that serve as a real brand identity.

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