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How important brand guidelines for your business? The brand is a very important asset in business. Not just a logo, a brand identity is the personality of a business and will be the key to consistently displaying your brand in all marketing activities, both online and offline.

You’ve put in the money and worked hard to build your company’s brand, and this is why brand guidelines are so important to keeping your company materials looking consistent and professional at all times.

The Brand Guidelines protect the brand value of your business by providing comprehensive instructions for all employees, stakeholders and external marketing forums.

What Are the Brand Guidelines?

Brand Guidelines are documentation of established rules to show how your company brand should be perceived. It able to communicate various things about your business brand, both internally to employees or externally to business partners, customers and the public.

The Brand Guidelines usually contain the following:

a. Business Brand Identity

  • Company vision
  • Company mission
  • The core values ​​of the company
  • Company personality
  • Tone
  • Elevator Pitch
  • And others

b. Business Brand Assets

  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Font type
  • Space
  • Background
  • And others

Brand Guidelines are very important when starting a new company or when rebranding a company. So that future marketing activities still represent the character of your company as a whole and do not deviate from it.

No matter how big or small a company is, creating brand guidelines is the awareness of business owners to maintain the character of the company and make it consistent.

When your company looks consistent in the eyes of customers, their trust will increase. Here are the benefits of brand guidelines for branding your business:

1. Brand Guidelines Create Consistency

All marketing activities, both online and offline, should represent the same business characteristics. The elements on the website such as fonts, colours, logos and others must be the same as print media such as flayer.

How can this happen if the staff are working differently? That is a function of brand guidelines. Your company employees will use it as a guide when carrying out marketing activities.

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Consistency in a business is very important, with consistent marketing your business brand will be easily recognized by customers. Brand guidelines also communicate the pride of a business brand and every detail.

2. Brand Guidelines Set Standards and Rules

Brand guidelines consist of rules on how to use the visual elements of a business brand. Such as what colours to use, when to use the logo, how to space the logo and what fonts to use.

It looks simple, you may think, I know that by heart!
You understand your business brand as a whole, but your employees don’t.

Getting to know a brand as a whole takes a long time, and not necessarily all of your employees have the same understanding. Brand guidelines will unify the perceptions of all your employees. So that all the company’s marketing activities remain on the standard.

3. Easy to Recognize Business Brands

Keeping your business branding consistent is the best way to be recognized by potential customers. Because something that is seen repeatedly will form a memory in our brain. Therefore, every marketing activity in your company must be consistent in communicating the business brand that has been set on the brand guidelines.

4. Brand Guidelines Provide Value

When your business brand identity relates to others, it will increase the perceived value of your business brand. Moreover, it will make your brand appear more professional and convincing. Using brand guidelines makes it easier for you to maintain the quality and integrity of your business brand.

What are Included in the Brand Guidelines?

Brand Guidelines may vary from company to company. Some are really detailed, some are simple. It depends on how much you want to maintain the consistency of your business brand. In general, the brand guidelines will cover the following:

a. Company Logo

Demonstrates the different layouts of the company logo, the colour variations and how the company logo should be used. A more detailed guide will explain the size and spacing requirements and what not to do.

b. Colour Palette

Ensure that the colour palette used for the company’s marketing activities remains consistent.

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c. Typography

Describes various fonts that can be used for your business branding, including different weights and styles.

d. Preliminary

Describe your business values ​​and outline the personality of your business brand.

e. Tone of voice

The tone of voice used in internal and external marketing and communication materials.

f. Stationery

The use of brands on company stationery.

If your company or business does not have brand guidelines, please contact SWS Digital Agency on the contact page. Our team will compile brand guidelines according to the character of your business.

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