website optimization processWho doesn’t want their website to appear on the first page of Google search results? Surely all website owners expect it because the largest source of web visitors comes from search engines. There are many factors that determine the position of the web in Google search results, there are about 200 factors. You don’t need to study them all because they will give you a headache. Website optimization is the key, the better the website is optimized, the greater the chance to appear on the first page of Google.

To get a position on the first page of Google search results, it is not enough just to do SEO, there are several parts of the web that must be optimized and adapted to search engine requirements. In the following, we will share how to optimize a website to improve web position in search engine search results.


webiste mobile resposive optimization

Website Mobile Responsive Optimization

Since 2016, Google has prioritized websites with a responsive user interface. Where the website layout is still good and web features are still available even if accessed using a mobile device. This is related to the increasing number of internet users using smartphones. Here are some optimizations to make the web more mobile-friendly:

Your web user interface should adapt to the screen size of computers, tablets and smartphones. The font size should not be too small so that mobile users can read it properly.

Set the image size specifically when accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Don’t use one size for all devices, but it can be scaled based on the user’s screen size.

Use a meta title under 60 characters so that it can be read in full on a smartphone.

It is better not to display popups that cover web content, this is to prevent web visitors from leaving your website immediately and increase the bounce rate.

Do not make articles too long, mobile users prefer content that is concise and to the point.


search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is not easy, there are many website elements that need to be optimized. The most difficult thing is to determine whether the optimization is in accordance with the expectations of search engines. But now there are many tools available for auditing web SEO, from free to paid tools. Some things that need to be considered when doing search engine optimization are:

  1. Before doing SEO, make sure the website is mobile-responsive
  2. Check the error code on the website, fix it and make sure it runs properly.
  3. Create a robots.txt file and optimize it according to your web needs, don’t block trusted search engine bots.
  4. Register your website to the google search console, make an index request, submit a sitemap URL and periodically check whether your website has been indexed and there are no problems during the indexing process. There are many features of the google search console that you can use to monitor the state of the web in search engines. Use as much as possible and make corrections if there are errors during the indexing process.
  5. Make sure the number of characters in the meta title and meta description is appropriate and there are no duplicates. Place the keywords you want to target in the meta title and meta description sections. Match these keywords to the density of the content keywords on the same page.
  6. Check website content, make sure each of your content is made to target keywords and focus on a topic. Use a reasonable keyword density, so that search engines do not think your website is spamming these keywords.
  7. Check all links on the website, look for error links and fix them, if any website pages are no longer available then redirect the link to related content.


schema-markup optimization

Website Schema Markup Optimization

Schema markup is code and microdata created with the aim of helping search engines provide more informative results for internet users. This code allows you to make the description appear in search results.

When added to web code, schema markup can help search engines understand the information contained in web pages, as well as display more appropriate search results. When you use markup schema on a website does not guarantee an increase in position in search engine search results. However, your website will be shown to a more suitable search result.

Using schema markup is not the same from one business to another, there are differences based on its category. Some of the popular categories are articles, events, local businesses, organizations, products, reviews and more. You can follow the documentation provided on the website. This website also provides code samples that can be used for your business. Find a suitable template, modify it and add it to the website code. You can also check whether the markup schema code is correct using the tools provided by Google.


Content marketing optimization

Website Marketing Content Optimization

Every day there are millions of content added on the internet and even more, to be part of the top 10 web content that is displayed on the first page of search engines result is not an easy thing. Your web content must be better than millions of other content, to win the competition, create content that discusses a topic in detail and completely.

Content on the website should be made like documentation that is interconnected with one another. However, in the process of creating content, you must still create content that is useful, informative and entertaining. Update old content, add more video content and share it through social media accounts.

To increase your website position in search engines, you must focus more on web content, when web content is informative, useful, explained in detail and completely, other factors can be ignored. Your web visitors and your web position in search engines will increase.


user experience optimization

Website User Experience Optimization

User experience is how to understand and gain insight about web users, how they use the web, what their needs are, their abilities and their experience when using a website. There are several factors that must be considered when optimizing the user experience:


The most basic thing is that your website content must be clear and useful to users.

Easy to use

Try to make a website user interface easy to use by all people, don’t put too much importance on website design trends.


Besides being easy to use, your website user interface must attract the attention of website visitors.


Website content must be made well and can be trusted because website users will judge your website content and affect their trust.


You must provide value to users on every website content.

link and backlink optimization

Website Links and Backlinks Optimization

The website was created with the concept of being interrelated from one page to another, the link is a hyperlink. Therefore, every web page should be linked to each other, for example, on the home page, you can put links to product pages, blogs, contacts and other pages. Likewise, the other pages must be related to one another.

Check every link on your website, if there are broken links or pages that are no longer available, immediately redirect to the relevant page. So that web visitors are not disappointed and stay informed.

Backlinks are links that lead to your website from another web, backlinks are an important factor for increasing your website position in search engines. However, many parties abuse it by spamming backlinks, but the day the search engine algorithms are getting better at identifying it. This makes spam backlinks in the website comments column no longer effective at this time.

Focus on the quality of the backlinks you can get, not on quantity. Because one backlink from a popular and related website is more valuable than 50 backlinks from an unpopular and unrelated website.

Those are some important things that must be considered when optimizing a website. Indeed, the website optimization process is not easy, it takes accuracy to get good results. When I optimize a client’s website, sometimes I think of this task as almost the same as caring for a baby. I have to pay attention to every part of the web page with great care, and definitely spend e a lot of time and attention.

If you want to optimize your website but are not used to it, our team is ready to help. We will optimize your website to get maximum results. SWS Digital Agency has experience in developing and optimizing websites for clients in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

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