what is backlink and kind of backlinkBacklinks are links from another website to your website. Backlinks are also called “incoming links” or “inbound links”. Backlinks are very valuable for SEO because they represent trust from another website.

In essence, a backlink to your website is a signal to search engines that other people guarantee and trust your website content. If many websites provide backlinks to a web page, the search engine concludes that the website content is worthy of appearing in search engine results. So, getting lots of backlinks has a positive impact to rank your website in search engines.

Do all backlinks have a positive impact on the position of the website in search engines? of course the answer is no.

When many people understand the function of backlinks, many people also do illegal ways to get backlinks. But every day the Google algorithm is getting smarter and able to distinguish organic backlinks from spam backlinks. Backlinks that are indicated as spam are not good for your website, it can even get your website penaltized.

In order to make it easier for you to understand, we will divide backlinks into 3 parts, backlinks tier 1, backlinks tier 2 and backlink tier 3. Here are the types:

A. Backlink Tier 1

There are actually several factors to identifying a “good” backlink. But for your convenience, keep this statement in mind:

Backlinks that come naturally to your website from relevant sources are great backlinks.

Regardless of domain authority, backlinks that come in will naturally increase your website’s position in the search engines. Usually organic backlinks are obtained when your website content is good and many websites quote some of your content as a reference.

However, building organic backlinks is the toughest and time consuming method. That’s why many SEOs turn to easier methods like spam, because they’re easier to do.

Editorial backlinks

Editorial backlinks are the best and most influential backlinks. Usually journalists, publishers, or bloggers provide backlinks to your website from trusted websites. If their website domain authority is high, it is very useful for your website.

The most important thing about the backlink building process is that it has to happen organically and naturally. Suppose you provide really interesting and useful content on your website. Bloggers and journalists quote it without your knowledge and they provide a backlink to your website. They do it because they are in awe of your content. These are the purest backlinks and are very much loved by Google and all the other search engines!

Relationship-Based Backlinks

Relationship-based backlinks are a form of editorial backlinks that change slightly due to relationship factors. Personal relationships that lead to the link building process.

For example, you know some journalists or bloggers who usually write on websites. Because there is a relationship with you, they quote your website content and provide a backlink. Actually, this type of backlink is still in the good category as long as it is made in a natural way.

It should be noted that backlinks still have to be natural and organic. In addition, the backlinks must come from related websites, if you don’t pay attention to these things, the backlinks will not be effective.

Guest Posting website

About 5 years ago, backlinks from guest posting websites greatly improved the position of the website in search engines, but after Google updated its algorithm, backlinks from guest posting websites decreased in performance. But this method is still effective for getting quality backlinks.

Indeed, recently Google has warned several guest posting websites that contain too many backlinks for other websites. This is because the purpose of a blog is to provide information to readers, not a place to get backlinks.

Apart from getting backlinks, writing articles on guest posting websites is also useful for increasing brand awareness of a business. We have to focus more on brand awareness than link building when doing guest posting. Because when we are too massive to get backlinks, it is possible that our website will even get a penalty from Google.

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B. Backlinks Tier 2

Level 2 backlinks generally have less impact on the position of the website in search engines, maybe a little yes, but not worth your effort to get these backlinks. Maybe the next google algorithm update will decrease its value.

Using a Content Spinner

Creating content on several guest posting websites by modifying the content using spinner content is often done by people to get lots of backlinks. Besides the short work, they will get quite a lot of backlinks. You better be careful doing this, it is not an investment for the long term. Maybe next year it will be a nightmare.

Google’s search engine algorithm is getting smarter and able to identify how much originality content is. When Google finds a lot of similar content and all leads to your website, it is likely that your website will be penalized by Google. This method is not recommended!

Backlinks from Header, Footer, and Sidebar

Backlinks from the header, footer and sidebar of the website do not help improve your website’s position in the Google search engine. Because the location is not in the main content, the value is not taken into account. Maybe backlinks can bring some traffic to your website, but not improve your website’s position in search engines. So it is less recommended for use at this time.

C. Backlink Tier 3

The type of backlink that should be avoided, because it will reduce the reputation of your website. Instead of increasing the position of your website in search engines, these backlinks can even get your website penalized by Google.

Paid Backlinks

Getting backlinks by paying the website owner is a very risky thing. Just imagine, when you buy backlinks from a website, chances are they are also selling backlinks to other people. The google algorithm can identify illegal link building practices, when the link goes to your website, your website’s reputation will also decline.

Spam in the Comments Column

About 10 years ago the practice of spamming in the comments column was very popular among bloggers, they exchanged links to improve the reputation of their website. Even today there are still many who do it, maybe they don’t understand that backlinks from spam in the comments column are not valuable in the eyes of Google.

Maybe some people still think spam in the comments will bring traffic to their website, but you should think twice about doing that. The benefits you get are not worth the risk you may receive. Because spam in the comments column is very easily detected by search engines and will definitely reduce the reputation of your website.

Backlinks From Irrelevant Websites

Before updating the Google Penguin algorithm, backlinks from irrelevant websites were still quite considered, even though the effect was not big enough. But after updating “penguin” backlinks like this don’t get any more value. To make it easy to understand, we will just make an example. Is it relevant, websites that discuss health provide backlinks to websites that discuss industrial tools?

Of course you can conclude ..

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D. Conclusion

Backlinks are important to increase the domain authority and position of your website in search engines, especially if your competitors’ websites are above you. But the most important thing is to build quality and useful backlinks for your website.

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