Small Tools

Easy to handle

The Machines are lightweight., and they have a wrap round handle for easy portability and protection.


Made of pressed steel with wrap/round handle and fibre glass heat deflector.


Using extendable tracks, these machines can produce straight cuts on any length, square or bevel edge. With the same precision these machines can cut circles and also shape with gradual curves, when hand-guided.

Circle Cutting

Can be done with the use of circle cutting attachments, supplied as-optional extra. This can be easily attached to the machines by two screws.


Pl/G and CAieefah.lnjectortype, specially designed to prevent backfire. PUG NM: Nozzle mixing type, latest technology, much safer.

 Cutter adjustment

Can be Swivelled to cut levels up to 45° with Rack and Pinion.

Fuel Gas

Acetylene or LPG can be used by selecting the appropriate nozzles. Two nozzles for use with Acetylene for cutting MS from 6 mm to 75 mm thickness supplied along with the machine.


Machine are fitted with 220 volts Fractional Horse Power geared reversible motors. Power is fed through a Forward-Reverse toggle Switch.


1.8 meter long Aluminium Track or Steel Track can be supplied as optional extra. The PUG/PUG NM Machines may be set to follow the edge of any straight piece of metal, 8 x 20 mm.