ESAB offers a complete range of regulators both in single stage as well as double stage design. All ESAB regulators are safe and reliable and are ISI certified and from an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.


Single stage regulators

Neoprene diaphram flexible enough to provide stable flow of gases. Available for a variety of gases.


double-stage-regulatorsDouble stage regulators

A revolutionary design incorporating stainless steel diaphram in first stage to withstand the full shock of cylinder pressure and neoprene diaphram in 2nd stage. Models available are Dura series regulators for a wide range of gases.


Special Regulators

Representing a true state-of-the-art design breakthrough, ESAB offers a wide range of regulators with maximum delivery pressure as high as 4000 psig and flow as high as 9000 lt/min.

  • ESAB offers full selection of S/Stage, D/Stage and line models with stainless steel bodies for use with toxic and / or corrosive gases or with high purity gases or non-corrosive laboratory gases and gas mixtures.
  • Esab offers high capacity regulators for all gases, where maximum downstream pressure fluctuation allowed is under 3% of rated delivery pressure when the unit is operating at 10% to 100% of capacity.