Portable Gas Cutting Machines



Koala II is a product develop from koala—I, It not only have the basic function of Koala-I, but also can easily do X bevel, K bevel and other special bevel, so the work which need two machine and two process become easier.


Technical Parameters

weight 12.5 Kg
Length of whole machine 420 mm
Cutting speed 100—1000 mm/min
Cutting thickness 5—50 mm
Input voltage Power supply—–AC 220 V, 50 Hz; Motor—-DC 24V
Speed control PMW control,  hand wheel single hand control, forward and backword switched by a switch
Clutch control Single hand control , wrench handle
Gas control With fast cutting oxygen control handle
Standard configuration Control unit(body), torch unit(1set), shape wheel guide,cycle attachment, maintenance tools