Portable CNC Cutting Machines

SteelTailor SMART III

Technological superiority

1. Adaptable for both plasma cutting and flame cutting

2. Dual-side precision sliders system mounted on both sides of the crossbeam; increasing the machine stability by reducing machine vibration; 

3. Build with SteelTailor guarantied components and parts which are practical and easy to assemble; 

4. Integrated design allows easy installation; 

With One set of Allen wrench and 24 screws assembly done within 1 hour. 

SteelTailor SMART series generalities

1. F4 Concept:
Friendly in Transportation; Friendly in Installation;
Friendly in Operation; Friendly in Maintenance.

2. 1500mm*3000mm cutting area and table structure gives more precision;

3. Dual drive system, that can handle more weight;

4. Table structural design, combines stability and portability;

5. High-precision dual shaft linear guide;

Graphical controller, compatible with CAM software’s.


plasma cutting or flame cutting, Smart III can perform beyond your expectations. Smart III is the 3rd product in the Steeltailor Smart portable table model cutting machine series.

Smart III flame plasma cutting machine combines the portability feature of Smart I and the stability of Smart II. The use of SteelTailor standard components has reduced the installation time.

You just need one set of Allen key and 24 screws to assemble a Smart III anytime and anywhere.

SMART III flame plasma cutting machine is equipped with industrial controller, which supports cutting software like IBE/Fast CAM/Hypertherm NestMast.

Smart III flame plasma cutting machine is compatible with most of the world brands plasma power sources. Small and medium

size plasma machines with inverter technology or high frequency, are all compatible.

Smart III has 0.2mm repeatability; it guarantees the cutting size consistency.  Smart III can fulfill the global industries requirements of metal processing workshops, smith crafts, metal framework manufacturers, and DIY customers. The final cut product just needs simply cleaning of slag.No need for any rework. 

SMART III flame plasma cutting machine uses the most effective way to realize CNC cutting technique, which can match the portable plasma cutter of Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Victor, ESAB, etc.