Helmets and Screens

The New Tech, 9-13 ADC Plus offers our latest ADC Plus technology450819-en_WW-MainView-01 which ensures a solid shade level even when viewing the lens at an angle. The cartridge also has improved colour and light contrast allowing the welder to distinguish colours through the lens in an open and activated state. The settings, such as shade level DIN 9-13, sensitivity and delay are made from the outside of the helmet. The New Tech series of auto darkening welding helmets features the latest technology. All four models are very lightweight and well balanced. The head gear can be set to fit each individual and it makes the helmet comfortable to wear. The New Tech helmets offer a bigger viewing area, giving the welder a feeling of increased space. The helmet shell is designed to give maximum protection to the face but also the neck and ears. The area in front of the mouth is made larger