Chemical Sundries

ESAB High-Tech
Weld-Protect Airspray
The airspray with pure air as “propellant”

Health protectionsunadries sundries
•Absolutely non-combustible
•No toxic classification
•No harmful gases generated on combustion
•Safe for the skin
Environmental protection
•Propellant: pure air
•No air pollution caused by ozone-damaging propellant
•No indirect air pollution or contribution to the
greenhouse effect caused by evaporating solvent
•Problem-free integration into existing recycling systems
and those under test
•No chlorinated carrier liquids
•Highly effective protection from adhesion of welding
•No undesirable pore formation
•Protects treated workpieces from corrosion
•No nuisance of combustion residues
•Water-soluble – so washes off without problem
•Absolutely silicon free